We Stock Our Own Range of Fresh Bread, Rolls, Savouries and Pastries

All of our locally produced products are available to purchase in our shop or delivered to your door

Our Products

Our range of products is available in-store and can also be delivered to your door.

Our Products May Contain Nut or Seed Traces

Bread slicing costs 10p per loaf

Bread & Rolls

A001Large White Split Tin£3.20
A005Large White Sandwich£3.20
A009Large White Farmhouse£3.20
A011Large White Bloomer£3.40
A015Large White Poppyseed Bloomer£3.60
A025Large Cottage Loaf£3.80
A235Large 100% Wholemeal Tin£3.40
A275Low G.I. Multigrain Loaf£3.80
A255Large Malted Granary Cobber£3.40
A269Large Cobber Bloomer£3.50
A100Small White Tin£2.00
A105Small White Farmhouse£2.00
A110Small White Bloomer£2.10
A245Small 100% Wholemeal Tin£2.10
A270Small Malted Granary Cobber£2.10
A200White French Stick£2.60
A285Cobber French Stick£2.80
A294Six Seeded Loaf£3.60
A402Large Rye£3.80
A405Small Rye£2.40
A013Large Tiger Bread£3.60
A112Small Tiger Bread£2.20
A211Tiger French Stick£2.80
A307Sour dough (Small)£4.20
B001White Crusty Round Roll45p
B005White Soft Round Roll40p
B022White Long Roll40p
B030Soft White Bap45p
B040Soft Brown Bap45p
B045Cobber Roll40p
B050Wholemeal Roll40p

Savouries & Pastries

C005Large Sausage Roll£2.40
C020Large Traditional Pasty£3.90
C024Cheese and Bacon Twist£3.20
C025Cheese and Onion Pasty£3.20
C070Pizza Slice£3.00
P111Pukka Pie£3.20
M005Large Pork Pie£4.30
M002Medium Pork Pie£3.50
M004Small Pork Pie£2.65
E004Apple Doughnut£2.10
E005Apple Turnover£2.10
E015Banbury Cake£2.00
D025Belgian Bun£1.80
HX01Hot X Bun£1.30
HX066 Pack Hot X Buns£7.50
G002Double Cream Victoria Sponge£5.90
F205BBlobby Biscuit£2.20
D020Chelsea Bun£1.70
F008Chocolate Muffin£2.50
F100Cup Cake£2.20
D090Danish Pastry£2.70
G001Double Cream Cake£2.80
E020Eccles Cake£2.00
D060Fruit Scone£1.20
F070Gingerbread Man£2.20
D005Iced Bun£1.50
D100Jam Doughnut£1.30
D160Large Lardy Cake£5.20
F085Marshmallow Cake£2.20
D120Ring-topped Doughnut£1.80
D050Small Lardy Cake£1.80
D099Yum Yum£1.90
D105Split Doughnut£2.00
D003Tea Cake£1.70
K002Millionaire shortbread£2.00
F055Viennesse Assorted£2.40
D040Fruit Loaf£3.00

Please add 20p to your order if paying via BACS, or 70p if paying via Cheque

Account details for BACS is: 00541071 30-99-74

Please note that our prices can vary due to the price of flour and other products from our suppliers